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Foundation’s vision is to serve humans with a humane approach. Education, Health, and Healing are our core focus through which Society and nation can prosper in a better and sustained way.

Any society is identified by the empowerment of the women. Faster the women empowerment and self reliance of women’s happens in the society, progress of the society will be expedited in the same way. Following the same thought process Shaksham Foundation supported more than 100 deprived and neglected women from the society.

Self Help Groups

Self-help is a process of sharing a common experience, challenge, or concern. It is participatory in nature and involves getting help, giving help, learning to help themself, as well as sharing knowledge and experience. Self-help groups are seen as instruments for a variety of goals including empowering women and developing leadership qualities among marginalized women. Shaksham Foundation is supporting these SHG groups.

Livelihood Training

Shaksham Foundation provides livelihood training to women who are deprived and neglected by society. Counseling is provided to them for the social stigma and discrimination and trauma they go throughout their life which helps them to live a normal life. Shaksham Foundation has started to empower women by imparting them with various training programs like mattress making, beautician courses, and leather bag making, etc. for income generation for their sustainability and livelihood.

Our core vision to create, build, nurture and sustain the human’s social life