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Lighting up Lives: An Appeal for Annapurna Vruddhashram.

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Annapurna Vrudhashram - Old Age Home Paldi, Ahmedabad

Annapurna Vrudhashram is nestled in the heart of Ahmedabad’s Paldi, where every corner whispers tales of love and longing. Here, elderly souls find refuge from a world that has forgotten them, embraced by the warmth of our home’s compassionate arms. It’s a place where loneliness fades away, and hope finds its way back into weary hearts.

Stories that Speak Louder than Words

As you step into Annapurna Vrudhashram, you’ll be greeted by more than just walls – you’ll encounter stories etched in every wrinkle, tales of resilience and strength that speak louder than words. These are stories of battles fought and scars earned, of lives lived with dignity in the face of adversity. Yet, amidst the struggles, there’s a flicker of hope, fueled by the kindness of volunteers and the generosity of souls like you.

shaksham foundation old age center
Care that Nurtures the Soul

Here at Annapurna Vruddhashram, we believe in caring for the whole person – body, mind, and spirit. Beyond just medical care and meals, we offer yoga sessions, spiritual talks, and skill-building activities to uplift spirits and reignite passions. It’s about creating a space where every resident feels valued, loved, and alive with purpose, no matter their age or circumstances.

Your Support: Lifelines of Love

But we can’t do it alone. Your support is the lifeline that keeps our home’s heart beating strong. Your donations can mean the difference between a cold, empty night and a warm, comforting embrace for our elderly residents. It’s the difference between despair and hope, between isolation and companionship.

Join Hands: Guardians of Dignity and Joy

Join us in our mission to honor the elderly, to be guardians of their dignity and champions of their rights. Together, we can light up their lives with love, compassion, and the promise of a brighter tomorrow. Your donation today can help us continue our journey of spreading smiles and making hearts sing at Annapurna Vruddhashram. Let’s build a future where every elder is cherished, respected, and loved, because every life deserves to shine, no matter the age.

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સક્ષમ ફાઉન્ડેશન દ્રારા અમદાવાદ શહેરનાં પાલડી વિસ્તારમાં નવા બનાવેલ અન્નપૂર્ણા વુધ્ધાશ્રમ ને દાન આપી નિરાધાર વડીલો માટે ભોજન અને તબીબી આશ્રય માટે સહાયતા આપવા અમારી સાથે જોડાઓ.

Frequently asked questions

These were a few of the most asked doubts, FAQs about charity and we tried answering it in a generalized way. In case we missed any of your queries, click below and we’ll answer it.

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Generosity and helpfulness especially toward the needy or suffering also an aid given to those in need receive charity from the neighbors.

Most of the NGOs do pay salary but the added job satisfaction of working with NGOs is much better than any other job.

It is a proven fact that giving charity is linked with utmost self-satisfaction.

Only registered NGOs are deemed to be legal or allowed to be legal. Make sure you are donating to an NGO registered and have a legal identity.

Yes, we provide 80G receipt and 10BE certificate for Indian donations.

To ensure that the donor is rightly informed about the expenditure of their donations, any registered NGO will follow a strict post-donation procedure and bills for the same are duly shared.

Our Centers

The Shaksham Foundation operates education centers across Ahmedabad, offering children access to quality education at multiple locations.

Ram Rahim Nagar, in Riverfront
Opp Palladium Mall, Nr. Slum Area on Footpath
Annapurna Vrudhashram: Paldi