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What role do the contemporary NGOs play in child education?

Amidst India’s ongoing endeavors to provide education to its young ones, notable non-governmental organizations (NGOs) have been actively engaged in facilitating child education across various regions of the nation. One such commendable initiative is spearheaded by Shaksham Foundation, an NGO for child education in Ahmedabad, steadfastly championing this noble cause throughout the years. It’s worth noting that a staggering 40% of the country’s populace is under the age of 18, constituting the largest child population globally, numbering at a monumental 400 million. The prevalence of poverty and a lack of awareness stands as formidable obstacles contributing to the pervasive issue of illiteracy. Consequently, there arises a pressing need for the younger generation and affluent strata of society to rally behind these NGOs. You, too, can contribute to this laudable endeavor by extending your support to the organization through donations or by engaging in other forms of assistance.

Foundation’s vision is to serve humans with a humane approach. Education, Health, and Healing are our core focus through which Society and nation can prosper in a better and sustained way.

The key priorities of Shaksham Foundation include:

  • Enhancing quality of education
  • Enhancing access to education

Shaksham Foundation organizes awareness programmes on the need and benefits of education. Education enhances one’s knowledge. Education is one of the methods of eliminating poverty as it creates independence of thought and develops a perspective of looking at life.

In the pursuit of aiding vulnerable and disadvantaged children, this collective has undertaken numerous initiatives. Renowned as a leading NGO championing child education in Ahmedabad, their approach is characterized by a focused utilization of resources. Explore the core realms of their impactful endeavors below:

  • Integrating specialization on teaching methodologies
  • Supporting the professional development of the teacher
  • Optimizing the use of material, financial and human resources to enhance the qualitative aspects of child education

Shaksham Foundation is also helping the illiterate parents to admit their children in the municipal school and is determined to build a world in which every child attains the right to survival, protection, development and participation. We are currently working Gyaspur, Vatva, Sabarmati locations of Ahmedabad areas where we are currently working for children educational support.

Hence, by extending active support to the NGO or contributing to a noble cause, you directly assist children, their families, dedicated teachers, and other community members responsible for their well-being. The organization allocates these funds towards enhancing educational infrastructure, providing training, offering diverse forms of assistance, and delivering essential services to underprivileged children. It’s important to acknowledge that Shaksham Foundation channels these contributions for the following purposes:

  • Training teachers, child care providers and principals
  • Midday meals
  • Celebrations and exposure visits
  • Arranging camps for free medical check-ups
  • Buying learning and teaching materials, like textbooks, teaching manuals, maps, writing supplies, globes, chalkboards and so on.

In the heart of Ahmedabad, where hope meets opportunity, Shaksham Foundation stands as a beacon for child education. Our mission? To sculpt a vibrant tapestry of learning, where every child’s potential blooms. Join hands with us, as we pave the way for a brighter tomorrow through your invaluable support.


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