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Foundation’s vision is to serve humans with a humane approach. Education, Health, and Healing are our core focus through which Society and nation can prosper in a better and sustained way.

Shaksham Foundation Education Center Behrampura

Shaksham Foundation organizes awareness programmes on the need and benefits of education. Education enhances one’s knowledge. Education is one of the methods of eliminating poverty as it creates independence of thought and develops a perspective of looking at life. Shaksham Foundation is also helping the illiterate parents to admit their children in the municipal school and is determined to build a world in which every child attains the right to survival, protection, development and participation. We are currently working Gyaspur, Vatva, Sabarmati locations of Ahmedabad areas where we are currently working for children educational support.

Shaksham Foundation believes in taking out the underprivileged children out on tours which is an essential part of our programs and entertainment. Children learn very fast through Role play activities and Exposure visits etc.

Scholarship is being provided to the children who secure 80% and above in 10th and 12th standard. The children are monitored and being counselled.  Shaksham Foundation provides scholarship for higher education that is below poverty line children.

Education Centres



Currently, we are conducting classes at Behrampura to provide education to children who have never attended school and aspire to continue their studies. Our objective is to enhance their educational standards and facilitate their enrollment in government-run schools.



If your location has the required space and infrastructure, please inform Shaksham Foundation to establish a center there.

Our core vision to create, build, nurture and sustain the human’s social life