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Foundation’s vision is to serve humans with a humane approach. Education, Health, and Healing are our core focus through which Society and nation can prosper in a better and sustained way.

Child survival is a field of public health concern with reducing child mortality. Child survival interventions are designed to address the most common causes of child deaths that occur diarrhea, malaria and neonatal conditions. Many countries are devoted to the child survival interventions as a way of reducing the child mortality. Every year nearly 10 million children under age five die, mostly from preventable and treatable diseases.

Health Awareness Programs

Shaksham Foundation organizes awareness programs on health and personal hygiene for the slum community and for underprivileged children for spreading awareness in the schools and slums on various health issues.

Nutritional Programs

Many families come from weaker sections who need nutritional support, especially children who are admitted to government hospitals and whose parents cannot afford food and find it very difficult to take care of their children. Shaksham Foundation voluntarily supports to these underprivileged children by providing them with nutritional kits.

Our core vision to create, build, nurture and sustain the human’s social life