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How can Senior Citizens Overcome Stress

Senior Citizens Overcome Stress

The vulnerability of senior citizens escalates during pandemics, increasing their susceptibility to complications. To safeguard them effectively, it’s imperative to minimize their exposure to social interactions or, better yet, to isolate them altogether. Even as restrictions ease, congregating in crowded settings remains a precarious endeavor for the elderly. Such gatherings could exacerbate feelings of anxiety and stress, potentially leading to a loss of control over their circumstances, given their aversion to prolonged periods of inactivity at home. Consequently, managing their well-being becomes a daunting task for caregivers at elderly care facilities, necessitating a delicate balance of engagement and attention.

Navigating the challenging landscape of elderly care in Ahmedabad’s nursing homes has become increasingly complex amidst the surging cases. Communicating the gravity of the situation to senior residents poses a significant challenge. Active engagement in household activities, supported by your assistance, emerges as a pivotal coping mechanism. Within Shaksham Foundation, recognized among Ahmedabad’s top 10 NGO, we encounter the same formidable hurdle. The management of seniors demands exceptional effort, especially during these precarious times when their well-being hinges on meticulous care and unwavering support. Let’s delve into the essential considerations for caretakers of the elderly.

Dignity is important

As one ages, life often slows down, becoming less vibrant and enjoyable. Feelings of sadness, loneliness, boredom, and pain can become more pronounced. Basic activities may become challenging, leading to increased reliance on others, which can, in turn, heighten feelings of mental and emotional vulnerability. Offering support, spending time together, and engaging in conversation about topics of their choosing can greatly assist them in maintaining independence and fostering a sense of connection and well-being.

Understand them

In the realm of caregiving, astute caregivers grasp the nuances of senior citizens’ moods, acknowledging their occasional grumpiness and tendency to forget. Consequently, they ensure these individuals are never left to navigate life’s twists and turns alone. Our role mirrors that of a vigilant mother attuned to her child’s needs. Recognizing that seniors’ actions are rarely intentional, we strive to offer unwavering support. Disregarding their needs could exacerbate their emotional state, fostering feelings of alienation. By empathizing with their experiences, we cultivate an environment where they find solace and contentment within the confines of an elderly care facility.

Keep their Privacy

Engage with them in a manner that preserves their dignity and avoids dredging up discomforting memories. Facilitating mutual understanding fosters positive rapport. Refrain from entangling in familial conflicts or meddling in their personal affairs.

There are many best old age homes in Ahmedabad  where we prioritize meeting the unique needs and desires of our senior residents. Our approach revolves around creating an environment free from stress, achieved through engaging activities and lively discussions designed purely for their enjoyment and well-being.


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