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Shaksham Foundation: Building a Healthy, Independent, and Happy India


Shaksham Foundation is dedicated to the vision of creating a healthy, independent, and happy India. We firmly believe that the well-being and prosperity of our nation are rooted in the health, independence, and happiness of its individuals. Through our various initiatives, we strive to empower communities, foster sustainable development, and create a positive impact that resonates across the country.

Health Initiatives

At Shaksham Foundation, we prioritize the health and well-being of individuals across all age groups. We undertake healthcare initiatives aimed at providing access to quality medical services, preventive care, and health education. Our programs focus on raising awareness about healthy lifestyles, nutrition, disease prevention, and mental well-being. By promoting good health practices, we aim to build a healthier nation, where individuals can thrive and lead fulfilling lives.

Empowering Independence

We firmly believe in the power of independence and self-reliance. Through our initiatives, we strive to empower individuals, particularly marginalized communities and underprivileged youth, by providing them with education, vocational training, and skill development opportunities. By equipping them with the knowledge and tools they need, we enable them to break free from the cycle of poverty and become self-sufficient contributors to society. We believe that an independent India is a strong and prosperous India.

Promoting Happiness

Happiness is a fundamental aspect of a thriving society. At Shaksham Foundation, we work towards promoting happiness by focusing on mental well-being, emotional support, and community engagement. We organize workshops, counseling sessions, and social activities that foster a sense of belonging and connection. Our aim is to create a supportive environment where individuals can lead fulfilling lives, cultivate positive relationships, and find joy in their personal and professional pursuits.

Collaborative Approach

We recognize that achieving a healthy, independent, and happy India requires a collaborative effort. We actively engage with local communities, partner organizations, and government bodies to maximize our impact. By fostering partnerships and promoting inclusivity, we create a network of support that amplifies our collective efforts. Together, we can build a stronger and more vibrant India for all.


Shaksham Foundation is committed to building a healthy, independent, and happy India. Through our health initiatives, focus on empowerment, and promotion of happiness, we strive to create a positive impact on individuals and communities. Join us in our mission to transform lives, inspire change, and contribute to the growth and prosperity of our great nation.


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